Thursday, 2 March 2017

Room 5's Art Project has started... watch this space!

Room 5 has been loving our swimming lessons in the pool this term so we have decided to base our art around swimming. We are using the artist called Warren Visceo. Warren creates sculptures that resemble people in different positions wearing towels.  Check out this photo... it is inspiring us to create our own pieces of pastel art:

We have started off our learning by making observations and learning about different pastel techniques. Watch this video to learn more:

What technique is your favourite? 


  1. Cool art Room5 I hope you did good art.
    From Caitlin

  2. Of course we did good art Caitlin
    Anouk in room 5

  3. i hope room 5 have had fun with animal coming in
    from oralee in room kauri

  4. i hope room 5 had fun with the animals from ayana in room kauri